September 8, 2013

Baby moon

That phrase pains me to use, but I guess that's technically what our trip to Victoria was.

I like the idea of a baby moon, it was nice to take a trip just the two of us because travel, though not impossible, will be much different with a little one, and it was nice to go and do what we wanted to for a weekend without having to think of anyone else.

However, a baby moon is not a break from reality. I was still pregnant. I still couldn't walk very far without pain and I still couldn't drink. It also had a bit of a "last meal" feel to it. I'm very excited for this baby, but I don't like the anticipation of my life changing. I'd just like it to change so we can move forward with life.

Anyhow, I have exactly one photo of the trip to Victoria. Since we didn't have service in Canada I actually never had my phone on me so I took this photo on I-5 on the way home.

Haw flakes. Yum. 

This baby will be lucky to have any photos of her (yes, her!!) childhood to look back on. Its probably time to invest in a camera and maybe actually use it.