About me

My name is Morgan and I'm really, genuinely terrible about blogging, but I'm here to give it the old college try for the third or sixth time. I can't really remember how many false starts this blog has had, mostly because I have a bad habit of getting embarrassed about things I wrote previously and removing them. It's sorta a two steps forward one step back blog. For every couple of posts I add I usually end up removing one of the older ones.

This is more or less what I look like when I'm hard at work (and having a decent hair day, but also wearing glasses, which I only do at work). This photo also shows what it looks like when I'm hard at work and Charlie feels like if I'm home all day I should probably be petting him. But we don't always get what we want.

Anyhow, I've recently gotten hooked on reading blogs and keep thinking that having my own blog might actually be kinda fun. So here goes. Also as of right now this blog is our little secret. I haven't told anyone I'm blogging. Am I ashamed? I don't know. Maybe. Just a little bit. I'm not good with "important me announcements" so I'll tell people when I'm good and ready.

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