March 21, 2014

Here we go again ...

Not my longest of absences, but an absence none the less. Whoops.

So the baby moon turned into a baby which turned out to be much more time / life consuming than I had expected. Good thing she's cute.

I'm really going to try, try and try again to give this whole blog thing a shot. I've been reading a lot of those so called "mommy blogs" lately, usually on my phone while I'm nursing and should be staring contentedly at my wee one, and I think that having some sort of record of some events of our lives would be nice to look back on. Lord knows I'm not going to remember any of this. Lack of sleep = constant fog.

9 weeks into this whole parent thing and though I still know nothing, I have learned a few things.

As beautiful as those big blue eyes are, the closed eyelids of a sleeping baby are perhaps more beautiful.

Though they be small, babies be strong and determined. They almost always get what they want. 

This poor guy on the left is, at best, now 9th on my list of priorities. Sorry buddy. He is rightfully as grumpy as his friend on the right. 

They do grow really really fast. That isn't just a myth perpetuated by other parents. Pretty sure that teenagers, at least well adjusted ones, don't do this with their mothers. I need to enjoy this.

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