August 22, 2013

Book signing

Last night we went to Annie Bloom's bookstore for Danea Horn's book signing for her book Chronic Resilience! She is sweet and amazing and positive in a way I can only dream of being. If one of you spambots knows Oprah tell her to promote this book. Please.

Check out the book. Go buy it spambots! Go!

Maybe this will be the one book I read in September... or maybe it will be the new Dan Brown book I just borrowed. (insert embarrassed emoticon here)

In other exciting news I rearranged my monitors on my desk and my neck and left shoulder muscles already thank me. I'm not really sure why I spent the last 12 months staring off to the side at the the giant external monitor, that I usually use way more than my lappy screen, but I'm starting to think that I'm a slow learner.

This is feeling like the most boring post in the (relatively short) history of posts. Maybe posting on back -to-back days was a bit ambitious, but I'm trying to develop some muscle memory before I inevitably forget all about this blog.

*Side note, I'm pretty sure Charlie just jumped when he saw himself as the background on my external monitor. Is it crazy that I think that?

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