August 21, 2013

Silent crafting

Accomplished goal number one already, clearly I just needed to make a list.

Here is how it went down (presented without words because that's how easy this craft was):

Ta da!

And yes, I jankily blocked out part of the Home Sweet Home sign. I feel like the wall already makes it pretty clear where I live, there is no need to also provide the specific coordinates for my address. I'd really hate for one of my spambot followers to show up on my door step just to tell me about... never mind. I was going to paste in the most recent comment I received from my biggest fan Anonymous, but I feel like it is maybe just a little too inappropriate. Suffice it to say it was about "vulgar girls".

Anyhow, time to wrap this up, but before I do... ahem.

Notes to self:
  • Get better at iPhone photos
  • Remove random boxes from the couch before taking photos
  • Seriously get better at iPhone photos
  • And maybe also figure out how to less jankily remove personal information from photos
  • Basically I need serious photo help

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