August 23, 2013

I think my cat knows I'm pregnant

That or he thinks I'm sick and feels bad for me. Either way he has been spending more time right next to me on my desk.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
It's cute, and very flattering, but also annoying. It's also pretty hard to type one handed.

So I decided to attempt to make him a little kitty spot on my desk so he could be near me, but perhaps not always needing to make physical contact.

When I first started this I was thinking, "This will be so easy, I bet this could be another silent craft post." I was wrong. In theory this is a simple project, it involved sewing a couple of straight lines, but due to my own short comings as a seamstress I have lots I'd like to say about this but I'll try and be succinct.

First, I did some reconn and picked some fabric. I figured a light color would help hide the cat hair.

Second, I took some very precise measurements.

Third, I admired my super straight edge.

Fourth, I picked a victim.

Fifth, I gutted my victim.

Sixth, after carefully pinning the fabric I sewed it into what was essentially a pocket.

Seventh, I stuffed the pillow innards inside.

Eighth - Fifteenth, I realized I had a) failed to consider how I was going to sew this whole thing shut and b) failed to account for the fact that this cushion would be three dimensional when I was taking my super precise measurements.

Once it was stuffed I was annoyed at how small the cushion was and how it was going to look like a dinner mint inside the cubby hole I wanted to put it in and how I was certain the cat would never touch it.

So I proceeded to unstuff and restuff and adjust and fiddle with this thing I'm generously calling a cushion for a little bit. Stopped to play a level of Candy Crush. Decided if I didn't figure out some way to make what I had done work that I would never get around to trying it again. Jankily sewed it mostly shut (so I can unstuff it to wash it should it ever be used and need washing) and called it a day.

Here is how it ended up:

I'm going to go ahead and call it a success since I finished it. (Low standards, huh?) Now it's just a waiting game. It took Charlie about 5 months to warm up to the cat perch we put in the back bedroom for him (caught the sneaky little puss sleeping on it in the middle of the night finally and now he loves it) so I'm expecting the "cushion" to go unused for a long time. 

Anyhow in about 5 months the "back bedroom" will be the "baby's room" and his window perch will be gone. Once Charlie is no longer be the smallest, cutest mammal in the house I think he might be interested in a nice quiet place to hide / plot his revenge. Don't worry spambots, I'll let you know how this plays out.

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