August 27, 2013

Things we're working on...

Charlie is still working on his co-dependency issues over here. However, the "cushion" (that shall never know the warmth of a kitteh) did get a good sniff down today. I'm going to call that progress. Significant progress.

And as you can see above, I'm working on adding larger images to this blog so you don't need a magnifying glass to see these well composed photographic gems. However, I'm worried that this is only going to highlight the poor quality of my photos.

I'm also going to work on my anxiety about showing my face on this blog. I figure it would be good to start with a really bad photo of me so that there is lots of room for improvement. A friend recently shared this stunning photo of me from a few weekends ago and I'm hopeful that there is a reason I was making this face, but that I just don't remember it. (In the interest of full disclosure I cropped my friend out of this photo because she was making a better, though still quite awkward face).

Meanwhile, and completely unrelated to things I am working on, this email from Netflix got me way too excited today. 

Yes I know I'm late to the Scandal party. Or maybe I'm mistaken and there isn't even a party to be late to. My in-laws like this show so I'm assuming it is also popular among ... other people? There might be a flaw in my logic... 

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