August 26, 2013

Monday Monday

It's the first day of the week and I'm excited...
  • to continue reading Dan Brown's Inferno (no shame!)
  • to go to book group and hear what I missed in this month's book (Behind the Beautiful Forevers) which was certainly a DNF for me
  • to be listening to *NSYNC on Pandora right now and yes this was totally inspired by their super short "reunion" at the VMAs last night
  • that I finally put away the laundry that was sitting in a basket in our bedroom for the last week
  • that I'm actually starting to look more pregnant and less like I'm starting to put on a few lbs. 
  • that I started to put together a list of goals for this blog, which I might actually even post on here at some point 
And let's call that good enough for today. I don't have any photos to share and posts without photos are boring and inaccessible to our modern day illiterate society so I might as well keep this short for the spambots.

Fingers crossed that I think to take a photo or two over the next few days to post. 

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